Lose The Most

My quest to get back to a reasonable belly size

I made it!!!

So I stepped on the scale this morning hoping to have broken through to the 180s. I looked down and I always have looked at the last number and just assumed the first ones were 19. So I looked down and saw an 8. I totally thought I had stood on the scale wrong cause I thought I had just gained 7 pounds!!

So I bent down and it was 188.6!!! Oh yeah, I made it, I made it!! How exciting! I had to come post because John didn’t seem that excited, but I know you guys will be with me. 🙂




So, this month has just flown by.  Last week, John got a call from work telling him he had been laid off.  SHOCK.  We were quite surprised by the news.  We were not expecting it after having just been told they were not making any job cuts.  Strange.  Liars.

It is not as bad as it sounds.  John is a Flash Developer and there is a big need everywhere for them.  He has gotten offers from many different places across the country and some outside the country.  We are hoping that he gets a good offer from a place here, so we don’t have to move.

I spent a week at my mom’s and while I was down there found out this news.  So this week has been filled with job interview/lunches for John and me trying to get as many medications as I can before our insurance runs out on Tuesday.   I have managed somehow to keep my weight around 191, which is great.  I had been staying around 196 for so long it feels good to be down five pounds.  I just want to break through into the 180s.  I have to admit though, I haven’t really been doing anything to actively lose weight, which I am a bit ashamed of.  Although, that could be the hormones getting me down a bit.  I feel like my period is on it’s way and I say feel, cause I never know.

I am going to try to read some blogs before watching a movie with John, but he could be ready any second now.  Op, here he is . . .

The Sensor

Well, it turns out that the place where I got my diabetes supplies before is not covered on my new insurance for this year. I just found this out when I called to order some supplies. They had been attempting to get the pre-auth for my Blue Cross insurance and then I let them know I had Aetna and that’s when I was informed they were out-of-network with them.

So, I have to call up my insurance and see who the provider for pump supplies in the area is. I then have to probably call the Dr back and tell him who it is so he can start the process over again with them.

Fun times.

Long Time No Post

So sorry. I did sprain my ankle and I am alive and kicking. I was able to go to my Volleyball Tournament in Moab. We totally won!! We beat everyone. It was awesome.

I weighed in and had gained some weight. I think it was from that week of doing nothing on a bum ankle. But who knows, I weighed in the next day and I weighed four pounds less than my weigh in weight the day before. I am not sure what that is about.

But sorry to not post in forever. Thanks for the subtle reminder Karilynn. 🙂

I’ll be back.

A little set back

Yesterday morning while I was playing basketball, getting my exercise for the day, I jumped over to try to steal a pass and came down on a girl’s foot and rolled my ankle quite awkwardly. It hurt so bad. I just laid there on the floor for a bit while the pain pressed on. I was unable to put any pressure on it for most of yesterday. Today I can barely put pressure on my heal and then just kind of hobble around very slowly. Not fun. I hate injuries.

I was planning on going to a volleyball tournament in Moab next weekend and I better be better in time. I would just hate to miss it. 😦

I have been keeping up on reading everyone’s blogs. I hope we can all continue to be conscious of our eating decisions. That really is the key. Making good choices and recognizing how to make those good choices again. 🙂

I hope I can see you all tomorrow night. We’ll see how I am feeling.

Great News

So I weighed myself on Monday and I was down to 192.6 to my surprise after the weekend.  Then I weighed in again this morning for funzies and I was at 191.  Then just before I showered . . . I know you are all thinking that is weighing in way to much!  But I weighed 190.4.  Holy moly.  I could hardly believe it.  I am quite happy with that and hope to be below 190 by next week’s weigh in.

I had lots of family over this weekend and haven’t been online all too much because of it.  So I just wanted to post.  I am working on reading everyone else’s updates.  🙂

Don’t forget TheBiggest Loser is on tonight.  It is always very inspiring to me.  I cry every episode I swear.  Love it.


Well,  I have come down with a cold officially.  I woke up this morning and one nostril was totally blocked.  It is so funny how that happens.  Then I stood up and I felt a bit like my head was going to explode.  Yikes.  I had a good day yesterday with exercise and my body is a bit sore from that too.  So I am feeling great.  😉

I got my lab results back from my doctor’s appointment.  My A1C is at 6.6%.  Some of you may know what that is, so might have no idea.  It is a test that calculates your average blood sugars over the last three months.  It is a very important number for diabetics.  They recommend you be under 7%.  So I am doing good.  I wsa also low on Vitamin D which is really funny to me, cause she put a note on the results saying that Vitamin D effects memory and I have been forgetting things like crazy lately.  Too funny.

I am doing good on diet and such and feel confident that I will continue to lose weight at a slow but steady pace.  🙂

Keep up the good work ladies!!

PS  I really only lost 3.4 pounds.  I somehow did the math wrong.  It mus’ve been early in the morning or late at night or around lunch time.  😉 hehe