Lose The Most

My quest to get back to a reasonable belly size

I made it!!!

So I stepped on the scale this morning hoping to have broken through to the 180s. I looked down and I always have looked at the last number and just assumed the first ones were 19. So I looked down and saw an 8. I totally thought I had stood on the scale wrong cause I thought I had just gained 7 pounds!!

So I bent down and it was 188.6!!! Oh yeah, I made it, I made it!! How exciting! I had to come post because John didn’t seem that excited, but I know you guys will be with me. 🙂




  Karilynn wrote @

Woot Woot! GO MINDY!!!! :o)

  Carrie wrote @

Way to go Mindy!!!!!

  Kristi wrote @

Oh, heck yeah!!! What a great surprise!!! I’m doing the happy dance for you also. Congratulations!!! Way to go!! I know you are super thrilled about that for sure.

  Vicki wrote @

Congrats — that is so great… and it is even that much greater to go into a new decade into the 8’s instead of the 9’s… it feels more like it is going to stay that way.

  Rochelle Bartschi wrote @

Mindy! That is great news! I agree, it sure does feel good to get into a new decade. And you bet that we’ll be excited with you. That’s why we’re here. Keep the great news coming!

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